Ksar Lina

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In the shape of Kasbah with l' old.
A terrace with sight on the famous Kasbah of Taourirt, a shop with l' entry of the restaurant with the Bio product sales under our mark LINABIO, the restaurant-gallery, at the ground floor, crockery of potteries of Tamgroute, the terrace with its grill and a sight on the Kasbah, the valley and the lake, the lounge with under ground, environment wrought iron and colors Indian, its cupboard with cigars, under solos d' Berber instruments.
Come to taste our dishes fine, coloured and natural (skewer of camels to mint fraiche and grilled almonds, tajines of kid to grasses of l' atlas, melted with the chocolate house) with the corner of the fire of chimney in winter or on terasse panoramic in summer. In an environment of Kasbah to the coated walls with l' old where you still feel l' odor of l' incense, the ground is strewn with carpet, there, you will escape under Berber airs of musics.
Let us treat the taste with the respect of nature.
Our products result from organic farming and biodynamics.
We organize receptions, meal d' businesses. We can accomodate groups; with 150 people.

A n' do not space like the others!

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Ksar Lina!
Marocco-Berber kitchen & International


Salade marocaine 25 dhs
Salade mixtes au thon 40 dhs
Salade du Glaoui 50 dhs
Harira campagnarde 25 dhs
Omelette bérbére 30 dhs
Briouates farcies 35 dhs
. Végétarienne 40 dhs
. Poulet 50 dhs
. Pigeon 60 dhs


Végétarien 60 dhs
Kefta aux oeufs 70 dhs
Bérbére 70 dhs
Chevreau de l'atlas 70 dhs
Poulet aux olives & citron confit70 dhs
Boeuf et petits raisins 75 dhs
Foie marinée 75 dhs
Boeuf aux pruneaux 80 dhs
Poulet aux dattes et figues 80 dhs
Poulet fermier petits raisins 80 dhs
Chameau saharoui 80 dhs


TANJIA125 dhs
MECHOUI180 dhs
24 heure à l'avance / pour 2 personnes


Végétarien 60 dhs
Poulet 70 dhs
Boeuf 75 dhs
Royal 80 dhs

"Tous nos viandes & légumes sont certifiés bio"

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Ksar Lina !
Cuisine Marocco-bèrbère & International


Tomates mozarella 40 dhs
Salade mixtes au thon 40 dhs
Salade de gésiers 50 dhs
Salade noix & roquefort 60 dhs
Créme de légumes 25 dhs
NEM 50 dhs


Sauce aux choix
"Poivres ou Champignons"

Brochettes marinées
. Volaille 60 dhs
. Boeuf 70 dhs
. Chameaux 80 dhs
Entrecote 90 dhs
Cotes d'agneaux 90 dhs
Filet110 dhs
Mixed110 dhs

Pigeon & canard

Pigeon miel & safran120 dhs
Magret de canard120 dhs
Confit de canard120 dhs

Pate & pizza

Penné sicilia 40 dhs
Spaghetti napolitaine 40 dhs
Spaghetti bolognaise 50 dhs
Tagliatelle carbonara 50 dhs
Lazagne au four 80 dhs
. Marguarita 40 dhs
. Portofino 50 dhs
. 3 fromages 50 dhs
. Végétarienne 50 dhs
. Marina 60 dhs

"Tous nos viandes & légumes sont certifiés bio"

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Ksar Lina !
Cuisine Marocco-bèrbère & International


Yaourt maison30 dhs
Orange à la canelle30 dhs
Mousse au chocolat35 dhs
Tarte du jour35 dhs
Coupe de fruit40 dhs
Crépes aux choix40 dhs
(sucre, chocolat, miel, confiture)
Glace (vanille, fraise, chocolat)40 dhs
Patisserie marocaine40 dhs
Slilo glacé50 dhs
Fondue au chocolat70 dhs


Eau minérale 1 l 15 dhs
Eau gazeuse 1 l 15 dhs
Eau minérale 1/210 dhs
Eau gazeuse 1/2 10 dhs
Coca cola10 dhs
Fanta10 dhs
Sprite10 dhs
Schweppes tonic10 dhs
Schweppes citron10 dhs
Hawai10 dhs
Jus de fruit frais15 dhs

Boissons chaudes

Lavazza expresso15 dhs
Café noir 10 dhs
Café au lait10 dhs
Thé a la menthe10 dhs
Infusions (camomille, verveine)10 dhs

"Tous nos viandes & légumes sont certifiés bio"


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