About us ?

Espace Maroc Espace Maroc is a 3wKom Company product that provides information about different establishments (Riads, Villas, Guest houses, etc.) in order to make it easy for you choosing an accommodation for you stay in Morocco.

How can I carry out a booking through your website?

You can book an accommodation through our website.
After choosing an accommodation (Riad, Villa, Guest house, Inn€), click on €Book€ from the accommodation€s home page.
Once entering you stay€s dates of arrival and departure, you will see the availability for the selected period and you can choose a room (s) that you want for your stay.
Once your personal information entered, a message will be sent to the owner who will answer you as soon as possible.

How can I sign-up in the website and for what advantages?

On the homepage, click on €Sign-in€ then enter your personal data. These data won€t be used for other purposes.
Thanks to an Espace Maroc account, you can save time while booking and be informed about news and promotions in real time.
NB: when your post a form or send an information or booking request, a signing-up is done automatically.

I tried in vain to sign-up as a member

If you have any technical problem while logging on Espace Maroc, please send us an email at [email protected] describing the type of problem encountered and / or an error message that appeared.

I want to update my establishment€s data

You can reach your personal area through Espace Maroc website with this address: www.espace-maroc.com/clients and enter your login and password. Once connected, you will reach your customer interface allowing you checking and updating your information from the menu and captions in left side.

I cannot reach my customer interface

If you have any technical problem while reaching your customer interface, please send us an email at [email protected].

How can I carry out a research through the website?

From Espace Maroc homepage, choose the heading appropriate to you research through the fields provided: €Riads & Villas€, €Apartments€ or €Car rent€.

If you choose €Riads & Villas€, you will specify your research criteria:

  • Riad or villa type: less than 60 €, from 60 € to 120 €, from 120 € to 200 € or more than 200 €;
  • Your destination: choose one of the cities: Agadir, Essaouira, Fes, Marrakesh or Tangier;
  • Your stay€s dates: specify the arrival and departure dates planned for your stay through the unrolling menu.

Once your research criteria given, click on search. A results page will appear, you can sort them by price, airport distance or downtown distance.

If the results are not suitable, you can modify your research by clicking on Research modification.

Otherwise, choose one of the establishments for visiting it and having more details. You can also book from the page results by clicking on Book.

Can I compare products through the website?

Espace Maroc allows you comparing between two or three establishments. Choose from your research results those you prefer by clicking on Select. Your selection will appear in page€s top. Then, you can compare by rates, rooms and suites number, amenities€or from the map.