A door opens on Morocco…

Espace Morocco enables you to visit and hold for your vacancies various lodgings in the main cities of Morocco. Also find the list of the hirings of cars and exits and leisures as well as a guide and a magazine to hold you informed last tendencies and cultural and artistic events.
The advantage on our premises contrary to the other sites is to have a system of promotion, special offers and last directly up to date minutes exclusive put by the owners

There is for all the budgets and all the desires, of the traditional houses of hosts such as Riads, the villas and the Kasbahs in Read more >hiring room of host for an immersion in the culture, of the formulas “villa of exclusiveness” to be as at home and of the apartments for more proximity.

The establishments are presented to you in images of top quality or video with the opinions of the Net surfers and the services suggested, always with an aim of bringing a maximum of details of best possible quality to you. A planning on line also gives the possibility of knowing the availabilities of the rooms or the villas according to your dates of stay and of making your reservation directly near the owner.

We wish that our site facilitate to you your approachs during the preparation of your vacancies, thus we propose a space hiring of car and exit to you and leisures with Marrakech to allow you to save time. A guide, a magazine and soon a diary help you with better knowing the country as well by its traditional side as by its innovations and its passion for modernity.

Espace Morocco wish you a pleasant visit and hopes to have fulfilled its role in the programming of your stay in Morocco

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