Legal notice and using condition

Espace Maroc is a 3wKom Company product that displays information about different establishments as an indication including rates.

Espace Maroc disclaims any responsibility of any inaccurate or incomplete information. The Company cannot be either responsible for the use of this information with lucrative or commercial aims.


Any information displayed in the website is in line with the Moroccan and International legislation on intellectual property and privacy rights.

The information enclosed in the website (texts, images, photographies) reflects the entrance of this same information by the owners from their administration interface, which is secured through an access code. Similarly, the headers displayed in each mini-site are made from the photographs provided by the owners.


Espace Maroc website encloses components that are protected by privacy rights and copyrights especially texts, photos, pictures, moving pictures, etc. and remains the exclusive property to the owners or their appointed photographs. Any reproduction of above-mentioned components is under owners's responsibility.

Espace Maroc and 3wKom Company cannot be held responsible for any content that may be offensive or slanderous towards net users.

The use of displayed information for commercial or advertising purposes as well as partial or complete reproduction of the website (graphical and audio-visual representations, downloadable documents…) on electronic support in formally prohibited, except for authorized ones that have a written consent by net in charge person.


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