Marrakech and its cosmopolitan restaurants contribute to transport visitors and to increase the prestige of the city.

In Marrakech, the places of entertainment such as restaurants are a strategic point for going out and the accurate taste for decoration and ambiances come first. These places are often perceived as meeting places en famille, be it a romantic dinner, a business lunch or a simple relaxing moment among friends.

However, Christmas parties have been celebrated for centuries all around the world, as well as New Year parties. It is in such occasions that most countries growing in tourism, like Morocco, receive movie actors, business stars shows, millionaires, businessmen, princes, and political celebrities during this period. When all this beau-monde comes to Morocco, the city of Marrakech, recognised as the trendiest capital in Morocco, is their favourite destination. This is why, according to the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, the influx of visitors is important in the city, with an increase of 25% in the number of overnight stays during these past years and even higher during public holidays. Not to mention the Moroccan Tourist Forum, which recorded 2.325.505 tourists in 2000 and 4.211.855 in 2009, an increase without parallel that intends to continue its growth.

This significant growth of the tourist sector, with all its exploits, has only been possible through the must-see city of Marrakech. Marrakech is an exotic and luxurious city packed with wonderful places to relax in and is made trendy by its numerous visitors, its great personalities who live or stay there, or even take advantage of their holidays to organise parties with media coverage.

Restaurants have understood this, so they all suggest each year a special menu in a dreamlike setting. Marrakech likes to impress and to take care over ambiances in the places for going out, so New Year celebrations and summer holidays are the occasion to show their expertise in this domain.

Thus, not all restaurants are originally Moroccan. We can also find French, Italian, Asian restaurants which are highly appreciated by Moroccan customers. The diversity of these restaurants is based on their presentation. We find indeed restaurants that have innovated by creating escape settings such as dancing bars, swimming pools, nightclubs, and others to allow customers to enjoy pleasant times and to keep unforgettable memories.

Moreover, the spaces of prestigious restaurants can be reserved exclusively in order to organise receptions, weddings, anniversaries, evenings or seminars.

These restaurants offer a dreamlike setting pour New Year parties and for all the important moments in life.